WHITEPAPER - Moving Beyond Interaction Analytics to an Omnichannel World

Version 2

    largetile_800x500.pngOmnichannel is in many ways in a transitional phase. While countless business leaders now recognize the value omnichannel has to offer and are actively working to develop such capabilities, the fact of the matter is that a truly omnichannel experience still lies in the future for most firms. What’s more, few enterprises have yet to deploy Customer Journey and Engagement Analytics – the next stage beyond interaction analytics, and an absolute necessity for an optimized omnichannel offering.


    In this white paper, we delve into:

    • The differences between multichannel and omnichannel, as well as interaction analytics vs. Customer Journey and Engagement Analytics.
    • The current state of enterprise omnichannel efforts.
    • The challenges standing in the way of successful, comprehensive omnichannel and Customer Journey and Engagement Analytics.
    • The next steps your business should take to prepare for and take advantage of an omnichannel world.