LISTEN 2017 API Contest

Version 3

    Announcing the 2nd Annual LISTEN Eureka API Contest!


    The use of CallMiner Eureka’s powerful API continues to grow, giving customers opportunities to extract intelligence from their analytics platform to fuel a broad array of external or 3rd party applications, use cases and workflow. The 2nd Annual LISTEN Eureka API Contest gives attendees the opportunity to showcase and present how they have used the API to pull and utilize data from their CallMiner system to achieve key business objectives, whether with third party or home grown tools and application(s).


    This is a chance to show off how your organization used the Eureka API and equally important, the use case and benefits derived from the data extracted via the API.


    The winner (determined by peer review at LISTEN Session) will receive the coveted “Eureka Innovation Award” and a free pass to LISTEN 2018.


    Please use this attached Submission Form to enter your organization's entry in the Eureka API Contest.