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Whenever I run a webinar on how to drive ROI from customer experience, I get an unusually high number of registrants. This leads me to believe that while there are more customer experience (cx) roles than ever before, customer experience itself is not seen as an ROI generator. But thinking about customer experience as an ROI generator matters! If… (Show more)
Silence: The Truest Expression of Scorn There is a common misconception that the rise of the Internet, social media, live chat software, and text messaging mean the phone call is slowly dying. The truth is phone calls account for 68% of all customer communications which means properly training representatives is still a critical aspect of your… (Show more)
Defining call center training methods   Like in any professional field, training provides a neutral environment where staff can learn and practice their skills. It is important to provide employees with the best tools to ensure they can perform their tasks to the best of their ability.   Over the years, call centers have seen the development… (Show more)
Hello Everyone!   I am currently trying to develop a category to capture profanity usage by the customer. The idea behind this is to score associates and if we see that a certain associate has significantly more calls with the customer using profanity, than the rest, this could be a cause for concern. Is the associate being unprofessional or… (Show more)
I am trying to find out what other companies in our area are doing around things like hold times and rings. For instance how many times should an agent let a phone ring and if an agent calls a consumer and is placed on hold, what are some of the standards other companies are using.   Thanks, Rich Mahre
Gamification has hit every industry over the past few years, and we've seen myriad ways you can use it. What has recently come to the forefront is using gamification to boost customer loyalty. And just in time. Customer loyalty programs have been flagging recently - and recent publications have argued it's because loyalty programs aren't building… (Show more)
More than 90% of unhappy customers will never choose to do repeat business with you. But, 95% will if you fix their complaint instantly according to Lee Resource, Inc. As a smart business owner or manager, your priority needs to be creating satisfied customers.   In today’s customer-focused business world, that means you need to view customers… (Show more)
The newest call center technology advancements are focusing on deeper insights and customer satisfaction.  Over the past several years, call center technology has played a big part in shifting the industry’s focus towards a better customer experience.  Overall wait times are down.  Calls are transferred less often before a solution is found. … (Show more)
Providing key metrics and clear numbers is primordial in any industry, and it becomes particularly challenging in the field of call centers. This is why managers have developed a number of techniques to quantify results and improve efficiency over the years. One of these methods is Call Center Service Levels.   The most basic definition of a… (Show more)
Hi Folks,   Respected analyst firm Ventana Research is conducting a survey on The State of Customer Analytics. Help Ventana collect data on this topic. Access the survey here:   I've copied the qualifications and details below:… (Show more)
CUSTOMER SPARK 8 Great Case Studies from Top Brands September 14, 2017   What is Customer Spark? A Customer Experience Exchange: Igniting Ideas for Transformative Customer Experience   Learn and gain inspiration from eight top brands, discover principles of customer experience that lead to success, and find out the latest big-picture trends for…
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